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To make the most of the web you need increase your visibility on the web, it's no use having the best looking website with fantastic photographs and compelling content if know one can find your website.  This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media come in, they help increase the visibility of your website and encourage people to visit your website. 
Social media also has the added benefit of creating customer relationships where customers will get to know you and ultimately trust you.  The big search engines like Google are getting smarter all the time and reward websites with a high level of trust.

"If you are in need of help with ‪SEO guidance or anything to do with the dark science of ‪websites‬ in general, I suggest you contact Mick, I am not sure I want to give away this secret weapon, but if you are wondering who can help, I have no hesitation in recommending Mick Kenyon Website Design and Photography  - thanks Mick for all your help thus far. Go2Tanzania"

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Ingleton, Lancaster, Kendal and Skipton


SEO for Ingleton, The Yorkshire Dales, Lancaster, Skipton, Kendal


Before taking the plunge to going self employed my previous role was as a qualified crime analyst. This is surprising similar to SEO in the respect that it's about analysing data, implementing changes and re-analysing to evaluate the impact. With SEO its about looking at the website content and structure, making changes and evaluating changes using various tools. I study the latest 'expert' opinions so you don't have to. I offer a friendly 'honest SEO service' for any business whether it is in Ingleton, The Yorkshire Dales, Skipton, Lancaster Kendal or beyond. I offer a true personal service with either face to face meetings or video calling.   - Call Mick Kenyon now on 07738 255499


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What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation cartoonSEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is making sure that your website is found by the search engines, this means adding correct meta tags, page URL's, page titles, keywords and header tags along with many other tips and tricks.  Getting this wrong can cost your website dearly and can even result in getting it removed from being indexed by the Search Engines.


Local Search is  very important to your website

Location based searches now account for 40% of the total number of searches performed on the web, these are often referred to as Local Search.

With search engines now recognising the type of device you are using and your location the need to build your Local Search results are more important than ever. For example, if you type a generic search term like cafe into you mobile smart phone then the results returned will be based on your current location. Google will return the cafés in your location and surrounding area that they think deserve to be listed.  These are not always the closest to you but those that the search engines deem to be a good website and properly optimised for search engines (SEO).   There are a few key things that can be done to help you make the most of these searches including making sure your Google+ page is claimed and in order. Read more about the impact of mobile searches on accommodation business


Social Media impacts the number of visits to your website

I am sure you are aware that there are lots of social media platforms and these have been the success stories over the recent years of websites. Some sites maybe thought of as Social Media but they also belong in the category of search engines.  'You Tube' is one of these, this platform hosts videos and now is recognised as the second largest search engine in the World second only to Google. Actually Google own both, so it makes even more sense to get your SEO done right with Google as they will use many of the same algorithms.  Facebook is another popular search engine.  Not only do these social media sites count towards your SEO they also are a great way of driving traffic to your website.


Consultation on SEO and Social Media

For a consultation and chat about your SEO and Social Media call me (Mick) on 07738 255499 for a more detailed analysis of your website see information on website audits


SEO Packages

Great value SEO packages available - no minimum contract;
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SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Ingleton, Lancaster, Kendal and Skipton
SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Ingleton, Lancaster, Kendal and Skipton
SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Ingleton, Lancaster, Kendal and Skipton
SEO, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Ingleton, Lancaster, Kendal and Skipton

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