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How To Get Your Website Noticed

How to get your Website noticed.

If you were to ask this question to a lot of experts they would probably say get good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Well they are not wrong but I would also add you need to increase your visibility which is far more broad reaching than just SEO for your website. So lets have a look at what I mean by broadening your visibility on the web, leaving the subject of traditional SEO until last.

How do you increase visibility on the web?

Well to get your website noticed you need to create interest and this comes in many forms.

Get noticed on the web

Its not all about SEO

Social Media

There are loads of social media websites (facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkdin etc etc.)  but before you go and sign up to them all just take a minute to think about it.  Your website is possible aimed at certain interest groups, these might be targeted by age and location as well as interests. Have a think about what type of social media tool your customers may use (example teens probably like snapchat – older customers probably have never heard of it!), use the same tools as your customers. Use tools that you can target your audience (facebook campaigns and twitter advanced search are pretty good at this). Don’t overdo signing up to all social media sites, you just wont keep up to them all,  instead pick 2 or 3 and make sure you keep active on them.


This one gets a special mention even though it is technically a social media site, it is also a very important social media site as it helps your visibility on search! Once you have a Google+ account consider setting up a Google my Business account, get this verified and make sure you get a 100% complete profile.  Google takes this information and populates Google Local searches with it (opening hours, telephone numbers, website address etc.) plus once you get your head around it, it isn’t as bad as some people might say, and it has some pretty great tools!

Google+ profile information search results

Screenshot of how Google picks up information from your Google+ page


Blog about a subject that you are an expert in and then share a link to it from the social media account you have just set up! The idea here is that people will like what you are writing and want to share it. This is sometimes known as citations, people saying check this great blog out by you.  Consider adding a blog into your website, wordpress can usually be embedded quite easily particularly if your website has cpanel.


Well this is the big one, it’s all about getting things right on your website. The easiest way to understand SEO is to think what you would like to see from a website. The answer is probably content rich, good advice that can be trusted.  My big tip here is Google likes honesty, it likes to know it can trust your website for good content and a current information. So don’t start thinking about how to trick Google (you will get into their bad books) think instead how you can prove to them that you are a good website that can be trusted.  Keep it honest, interesting and keep it up to date


Simple URL’s (keep them short and only use keywords). Make sure the URL describes in one word (or two) what your page is about.  If you are using two words separate the words with’-‘ Make the navigation buttons and menu buttons big enough to see and select. Add relevant ‘titles’ to your content to explain the following paragraphs. Keep the content useful and concise and add links to other articles that maybe of use. Add good quality images, use description and meta- tags to describe them. Make sure it can easily be used on all viewing devices


Don’t copy someone else’s work, keep it unique and good quality. Don’t try to trick google by getting other sites to add links to your website from poor quality websites. Allow comments and respond (even to bad comments). Show your real, demonstrate by showing videos and photos of you and your business. Encourage customers to leave feedback on quality review sites(google+, tripadvisor etc. ) and keep being interactive on your website and social media.

Directory Links

If you needed a business in the area where would you search?  Probably some sort of directory, get your business added to the good quality ones (Yell, Thompson, Scoot, etc.) often these sites will add links to your website, make sure the directory has a good ranking. Don’t ever be tempted to subscribe to bulk link websites (those that sell 1000 ‘quality website links for £5). they are tosh and can damage your rankings!

For more information and help on improving the visibility of your website call Mick on 07738 255499 or visit http://mickkenyon.com/seo.html


Photos for Your Website

How to choose photos for your website

Choosing the right Photos for your website will increase customer confidence and reflect a professional business.

Choosing the right photo’s for your website is important and even possibly the most important part of designing a good website and it’s not just about the website looking good, photo’s can really help your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Here is why.

  • A good image keeps the audience engaged, a photograph with a caption is read more than the body of the text.
  • An eye catching headline photo is likely to invite your audience to investigate your website further, possibly by up to 300%.
  • A portrait photo of you and your team builds trust. Displaying either a generic, or staff photo on your site will inspire more trust from 79% of consumers. Source on  how a photograph builds trust by Bright Local).
  • A good photograph builds trust in the product
  • A picture paints a thousand words and they can be read in a matter of seconds!
  • Adding images with good Alt descriptions will increase your SEO.
add a portrait photo to give customer confidence

Include a photo of yourself to add customer confidence.

Getting ideas of photos for your website?

Well you could search Google images for a source of inspiration, but I would not recommend that you use these on your website, many images are copyrighted and popular photos are used on many other websites (and probably the same line of business as you), neither reflect well on your brand.
Stock photography is also an option, but stock photography is often dull and the better ones over used. Stock photography does not showcase your brand
Another research option to get inspiration is to use the Google keyword search, you can find out what people are searching for when finding business like yours, and tailor the photograph to reflect that. A unique good quality original photo tailored to show your business works well when used with ‘alt tag’ including the keyword to describe the photograph.

Bright marketing photo with shallow depth of field

Add bright in focus photographs with shallow depth of field

So What makes a good photo for your website?

  • Unique photograph
  • Focused on a point in the photo, shallow depth of field photos are popular (those that have
  • sharp focus but blurry back grounds).
  • Photos that are bright.
  • Relevant photos that get the message across.
  • Include a caption below the image.
  • At all costs avoid poor quality, they might be okay on Facebook and Twitter but on your website it de-values your brand and can harm your professionalism.

I put the question out to a Google+ forum (Local SEO Pros), here are the top 9 tips they came back with for making photography work for you.
1. Don’t use stock photos
2. We are attracted to individuals not groups, so bring in personality into your photo’s
3. Show photo’s of someone using your product/service
4. Have the person looking towards your call-to-action button
5. Show emotions in photo’s, but keep them natural looking.
6. Show a photo of how their life is after using your product/service
7. We are attracted to people like us – make sure your photos are of people who look like your ideal customer.
8. Showcase the bigger brands you work with, testimonials and awards.
9. Social proof – we are influenced by what others are doing. Highlight your most popular product (“this is a community favorite”). Use user photos & videos along with reviews and ratings “225,000 of your peers have this, would you like it as well…”

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