Micro Moments for Your Accommodation Business

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Micro Moments for Your Accommodation Business

What are micro moments and how does it affect marketing particularly within the accommodation business?
Welcome to the new buzz term ‘micro moments’, this is when you are waiting for something like queuing up for a bus or train or waiting in a clothes shop for your loved one to finish trying on all the dresses in a store (okay that’s probably a bit longer than a micro moment!) and you get out your mobile phone and browse.

micro moments travel quote

Great potential for accommodation providers to tap into micro-moments

Google have announced that 69% of these micro moments are spent looking at travel ideas, that’s a massive potential for travel industry to tap into a market, particularly when you consider over 30% then go on to book.

Accomodation Photography for micro moments

How to make the most out of Micro Moments for Your Accommodation Business.

  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly, all these micro moments are performed using a mobile device (people are unlikely to carry around the PC for micro moments).
  • Make sure your website also has a secure online booking facility, there are free ones out there that can pretty easily be added to your website.
  • Great photos help sell the product, make them unique and great quality so they make you stand out from the crowd. Also make sure they look good on a mobile, not all photos do, you usually find those images that fill the screen look best.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation), the accommodation business is very competative and non more so than on search engines, keywords are often around £5.00 each on add words so getting your SEO is key.
  • Use Social media to also increase your visibility, not forgetting making sure your Google+ business page is fully set up and optimised.

For further information on Website Design and SEO for your accommodation in the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and  Lancashire  call Mick 07738 255499

The article on micro moments from Google can be read here

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