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How to Add a Blog to a Adobe Muse Website

How to Add a Blog to a Adobe Muse. Adobe Muse is really great for the creative web designer but it does have one major flaw, it is not very good for clients adding content. Adobe Muse does have in-browser editing but currently it does not work well. When editing in the in-browser often the changes can result in undesired effect to the styling. A few third party developers have offered solutions, some better than others, but there is a simpler solution, and that is to add a blog using c-panel, the choice of blogging is vast including WordPress, Ghost, Serendipity etc.

Why add a Blog to your Muse Site?

Clients should be encouraged to add new content to their website, it helps with SEO, websites that have regular new content will out perform SEO of those websites that are static and have no changes made. By adding the blog into the background of your website it will be seen as new content for the website. A blog is easy to add content, both images and text, and most blogs are responsive.

How to add a Blog to Muse

Please view the video I have produced that will show you the full process of installing a blogging platform on your Adobe Muse Website. In summary the steps are;
To add a blog using the c-panel which lots of website hosting companies offer.
Once in cpanel you can use Softaculous to install your prefered blogging platform including WordPress.
When installing make sure the installation is in it’s own Directory and not the root directory.
Add a manual menu in Adobe Muse and a link to the blog directory
Add a Manual menu in the blog to link to the Main Adobe Muse website.

Once the blog is added it can be customised to match your Adobe Muse website styled differently to give the blog its own unique style. Dont forget you will also need to add a Google tracking code to the blog site if you want to track in Google analytics.

The video on How to Add a Blog to Adobe Muse can be seen here  on my You Tube Channel >>



Great News My Website Traffic is Dropping

Google Analytics

Great news at last that my website traffic is dropping! What I hear you cry! You see the problem I and many webmasters have encountered recently (and not so recently) is inaccurate analytics information. Spammers had cleverly added links to website analytics in the hope that webmaster and website owners would click on the links to see who was adding links to their websites. This is termed as ‘Referral SPAM’ and it was a real pain in the proverbial. Yes it made it look like websites were performing well but in fact it was not real traffic.  Google have finally managed to sort the ongoing SPAM referral problem.

What is SPAM Referral traffic?

Spam Referral traffic are links in analytics that gains traffic by hoping that the website owners and webmasters will click on those referral sites in order to see what it was that brought visitors to their website. These are often from worldwide sites such as Russia and Brazil.  While no links – or ‘real traffic’ – came from these sites.  Up to now Google Analytics wasn’t  able to tell what was referral spam and what was legitimate links but it now appears Google have cracked the problem.

Google Has Started To Sanitize The Links 

Website owners will be able to analyze their dashboard without all the ‘referral spam’ skewing the figures.  This may result in your website looking like traffic is dropping but seeing as it isn’t real traffic it is great news as you can now concentrate on the real factors and see genuine traffic.

The changes have are now being seen on many websites, I am sure there will be many people panicking at seeing a downward trendline, particularly as it doesn’t seem the changes Google have put in place are historically being removed.  Going forward the Google analytics will be much more accurate.

You can check to see your traffic sources by going into google analytics >>Acquisition >>All Traffic >> Channels then compare January to March .. you will probably see some dodgy looking sites showing in  January which hopefully have dissapeared in the more recent weeks