Is Your Website Really on Page One? Why is that when you Google your business it appears on page 1 of Google but when someone else searches they get different results?  Quite often when speaking with businesses they think all is good with their Business rankings on search results, because when they Google their business it is showing up on page 1 or page 2 of the results. What looks to be a great result isn’t always what it seems.

Is your website really on page one

Is Your website really number 1

Why’s My Website on Page 1 Only Sometimes?

Google manipulates results on your browsing history returning what it thinks you are mostly interested in. It doesn’t matter if you are signed in to Google or not these results are manipulated for you. Sounds a bit ‘big brother’, well maybe yes but it’s only trying to help. By learning what you search for it will tailor the results to what Google thinks is most relevant to you. So naturally you are interested in your own business, we have all done it, and should do it, we try to Google our business to see where we are in Google land. We might try a number of permutations to see how we are fairing and when it pops up we can’t resist clicking on our weblink just to make sure it all works fine. But the more we do this the more Google thinks this is what you want to see and so adds it to your Google Web History and places it on page 1 for next time you search for your Business or keywords to do with your business.

Is Your Website Really On Page One?

  • To see the true ranking of your webpage you need to do one of two things;
    You can clear your browsing history (this will depend on the browser you are using) but for Google see this article on clearing web browsing history.
  • The easiest way and the way I would recommend is to go incognito or open private viewing tab and search the term again. You will probably be surprised or even horrified at the results, you might be a lot lower ranking than you thought.

So Why Am I Not Ranking Higher?

Your true web rankings are down to good SEO (search Engine Optimisation), there are over 100 things to get right to impress Google and get high rankings and these are constantly changing. For a health check on your websites SEO and to receive an in depth report contact Mick Kenyon tel:07738 255499